Naoya Inoue's Epic Comeback: Stunning Knockout Victory Over Luis Nery in Six Rounds

Monster Performance: Naoya Inoue Gets Off The Mat To Knock Out Luis Nery In Six

Naoya Inoue's Epic Comeback: Stunning Knockout Victory Over Luis Nery in Six Rounds
06 May 2024, 08:04 PM
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Unexpected Turn of Events in Tokyo

Unexpected Turn of Events in Tokyo

Naoya Inoue, the undisputed super bantamweight champion, faced an unexpected challenge in Tokyo, Japan on Monday. During the fight, challenger Luis Nery landed a picture-perfect left hook that sent Inoue to the mat in the first round. This marked the first time in his 26-0 record that Inoue had been knocked down.

Although Inoue managed to get back up before the count, he had to defend himself against Nery, who continued to press the attack. Despite Nery surviving the round, the incident highlighted a potential vulnerability in Inoue when facing certain opponents.

Following a brief trip to the canvas, Inoue showed his resilience and skill in the ring. Despite Nery's strong start, the momentum shifted in the second round and belonged to Inoue for the rest of the fight. In the fifth round, Inoue dropped Nery, and in the sixth, a powerful combination sealed the deal. Nery was left defeated, his head hanging under the ropes.

At 31 years old, Inoue's career is one to marvel at. Considered one of the best of this era, he is often compared to Terence Crawford as the top active fighter in the world. With 27 wins, most by knockout, and titles in four weight divisions, including two undisputed championships, Inoue's dominance is undeniable. His precision and power in the ring leave spectators in awe, raising the question of where he ranks among boxing's all-time greats.