Canelo Alvarez Dominates Jaime Munguia in a Show of Strength

Canelo Alvarez Proves Too Strong For Jaime Munguia

Canelo Alvarez Dominates Jaime Munguia in a Show of Strength
05 May 2024, 08:50 AM
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Analysis of Canelo vs. Munguia Fight

"He’s just not good enough for Canelo," broadcaster Ariel Helwanni said during Saturday night’s undisputed super middleweight title fight between Jaime Munguia and the legendary defending champion, Canelo Alvarez. Helwanni was right. Munguia simply wasn’t good enough for Canelo. Why? Because Canelo had much greater power to his punches. It was a question of strength – and Canelo was simply the stronger of the two fighters. The fight went all twelve rounds, but there was no doubt the judges made the right call by giving Canelo the unanimous decision victory after the final bell had sounded.

Canelo Defeats Munguia in Impressive Fashion

Canelo Defeats Munguia in Impressive Fashion

After the fight, Canelo confidently stated, “I take my time. I have twelve rounds to win the fight and I did.” When asked about the possibility of facing David Benavidez, a formidable contender, Canelo emphasized his status as one of the biggest draws in the world. “If the money is right, I can fight right now. I don’t give a care,” he declared. “Right now I can ask whatever I want. I can do whatever I want. And I’m Mexican.”

On the other hand, Munguia, at 27 years old, appeared disheartened after the judge’s decision was announced. “I started well,” he acknowledged, “but yes, obviously, I had the problems.”

Those problems arose from Canelo’s powerful punches. Although Munguia showcased skill early in the match, Canelo's patience proved to be a game-changer. In the fourth round, Canelo delivered a devastating uppercut that sent Munguia to the canvas. While Munguia managed to rise to his feet, the momentum had shifted firmly in Canelo's favor. Despite Munguia's occasional successful combinations, Canelo's punches were dominant, landing heavily on Munguia's head and body.

Canelo Alvarez Continues to Showcase His Dominance in the Ring

Despite some speculation about his current form, Canelo Alvarez remains a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world. His ability to handpick his opponents and dictate the terms of his fights has drawn criticism from some, with accusations of ducking fighters like Benavidez. However, history has shown that Canelo is not one to back down from a challenge.

As fans eagerly await his next move, there is a growing possibility of a showdown between Canelo and Benavidez in the near future. If this fight materializes, it is sure to be a spectacle that will captivate the boxing world.