Discover the Must-Grow Plants & Veggies on TikTok for Late June!

As spring draws to a close, the window to plant your favorite plants and veggies does, too. Per TikTok, plant these crops now to enjoy before the season ends.

Discover the Must-Grow Plants & Veggies on TikTok for Late June!
25 Jun 2024, 06:51 PM
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As we approach the end of June, it's not too late to start a flourishing vegetable garden and even grow some flowers. Contrary to popular belief, there are still plenty of options available depending on your local climate. According to gardening experts, plants like sunflowers, bushy tomato varieties, beans, pumpkins, and basil can thrive when planted from seed at this time, ensuring your garden remains vibrant throughout the summer months.

These plants are well-suited for the summer as they can withstand the heat and grow quickly enough to be harvested before the colder weather arrives. Of course, the success of these plants may vary depending on your specific region. In addition to the mentioned plants, vegetables such as eggplants, cucumbers, peppers, sweet potatoes, corn, melons, and squash can also be planted in late June. When choosing what to plant in the middle of summer, it's essential to consider the anticipated first frost date in the fall and the maturity time of the plants.

Growing plants and veggies in late June

Growing plants and veggies in late June

If you've decided to add more plants to your garden this month, you'll want to start soon to allow your vegetables and flowers time to mature. Because pumpkin seeds can take a few months to grow into fruit, you'll want to start these quickly and plant them directly into the ground. To get the seeds to sprout faster, try cutting off the pointed tip of the seed and placing this end upward when you plant, as the TikToker demonstrates in their video. Beans can also be planted directly into your garden, but keep in mind that they may not continue to grow their fruit if temperatures near you are consistently over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. In extremely hot weather, peppers and tomatoes may also have some trouble with pollination.

Enhance Your Landscape with Vibrant Flowers

For those seeking to add a burst of color to their outdoor space, zinnias and marigolds are excellent choices. These popular flowers are well-suited to thrive in the summer heat and will continue to bloom beautifully until the end of the season if planted now. To ensure optimal growth, consider mulching your garden once the plants have established themselves, as this will help retain moisture during the hot summer months. Despite spring having come and gone, there is still time to cultivate a bountiful garden filled with both delectable vegetables and stunning flowers this year.