Tragic Confirmation: Hamas' Israeli Hostage from Tanzania Declared Dead

Mtenga was working in Israel during the Oct. 7 attacks, one of 260 Tanzanians studying agriculture as part of an agreement between the Israeli and Tanzanian governments.

Tragic Confirmation: Hamas' Israeli Hostage from Tanzania Declared Dead
18 Nov 2023, 05:05 AM
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The Tanzanian government has officially announced the death of Clemence Felix Mtenga, a young agricultural intern who was reportedly abducted during the recent terrorist attack in Israel. Mtenga, aged 22, was among the 260 Tanzanian students studying agriculture in Israel under a bilateral agreement between the two countries.

While the exact circumstances surrounding Mtenga's death and the discovery of his body have not been disclosed by either government, it is believed that he was one of the approximately 240 individuals who were held captive by Hamas during the attack.

The Tanzanian government has also reported that another student, Joshua Mollel, who was also believed to have been taken by Hamas, remains missing.

The Israeli government confirms deaths of two hostages

The Israeli government has confirmed the deaths of two hostages this week. The bodies of a 19-year-old Israeli soldier named Noa Marciano and 65-year-old Yehudit Weiss, who was abducted by Hamas from kibbutz Be'eri, were both discovered in buildings near Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital. The Israel Defense Forces stated that the bodies were found during a ground operation at the hospital, which they claim Hamas has been using as a command center. The Israeli military launched the operation early Wednesday morning.

Tanzania's foreign ministry has also announced that they are in communication with the Israeli government to ensure the remains of the hostages are sent back home for burial.