Essential Harbor Freight Tools for Home Emergencies: Be Prepared!

How often you deal with home emergencies depends on your location and other factors. But handling them efficiently depends on the tools you have available.

Essential Harbor Freight Tools for Home Emergencies: Be Prepared!
06 May 2024, 12:47 AM
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Living in different regions brings about various challenges when it comes to emergencies. For some, power outages are a common occurrence that requires a calm and collected response. However, for others, a true home emergency may involve a flood that prevents access to their beloved coffee. Whether you are prepared with stacks of plywood for hurricane-proofing or keep a bag packed for six months of the year, each area has its own definition of what constitutes an emergency.

Fortunately, in times of need, there is often a Harbor Freight nearby to provide some relief until the storm passes. From contractor-grade trash bags for cleanup to Kevlar sleeves and long-cuff oil-resistant gloves for more serious situations, they offer a range of products to help ease the burden of unexpected events.

Having power when the power's out

When faced with a power outage, having a reliable source of power is crucial. The Predator 3500 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator from Harbor Freight is a solution that can alleviate many of the challenges that come with power loss. Priced at $799.99, this generator provides enough power to keep essential appliances running in your home. During an outage, the last thing you want is for your food to spoil, and a typical refrigerator consumes about 780 watts of power. When you factor in additional appliances like a chest freezer, lights, and possibly a freestanding AC unit, you may exceed the capacity of lower-end generators. The Predator 3500 model, operating at 3000 watts, can power your refrigerator for up to 11 hours. It features an electric start, wheels for portability, and a carbon monoxide shutoff mechanism, all while operating quietly. It's important to determine the appropriate generator size for your household's needs to ensure you're prepared for power outages.

As crucial as it is to protect your leftovers, staying warm during most of the year is a top priority. An emergency generator and a heater can be essential. One of the best options is the Bauer 30,000 – 60,000 BTU Forced Air Propane Portable Heater ($99.99), capable of delivering propane heat to 1,350 square feet for 10 hours using a 20-pound propane tank. However, it's crucial to note that indoor use poses a significant carbon monoxide risk, so it's recommended to use it in a well-ventilated area and always have a carbon monoxide detector nearby. For home warmth, consider using Franklin Grommeted Moving Blankets ($13.99 each) to cover doors and windows, which can be easily mounted with screws, nails, or hooks. For portable warmth, a 10-pack of Hot Hands Hand Warmers ($4.27) can be a convenient option.

With household chores taking a backseat for the next few days, it's essential to have the right tools on hand. Consider investing in a bucket of Toolbox Big Grip Blue Shop Towels ($16.99) for their strength and absorbency. For tougher cleaning jobs, opt for the budget-friendly white cotton shop towels ($12.99 for 50). Additionally, having DIY reusable "paper" towels on hand can be a sustainable choice during emergencies.