Transform Your Living Space with These 9 IKEA Cabinets into Stylish Coffee Bars!

Finding the right furniture to act as the base for your coffee bar is easy if you love shopping at IKEA. Here are nine cabinets that make the cut.

Transform Your Living Space with These 9 IKEA Cabinets into Stylish Coffee Bars!
09 May 2024, 03:51 PM
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Experience the luxury of rolling out of bed and heading to a charming coffee bar to kickstart your day with a perfectly crafted cup of coffee. According to Pinterest's top searches, homeowners are expected to say goodbye to home bars by 2024 and embrace the trend of setting up cozy coffee bar stations at home to recreate that elevated coffee shop experience. You can create your own ideal home coffee station without the need for major renovations by taking inspiration from resourceful homeowners who have used IKEA's wide range of storage cabinets and customizable modular systems to design their dream coffee bars. Whether you prefer a simple setup or are up for a more elaborate DIY project, IKEA offers nine cabinets that are ideal for transforming into a home coffee bar, catering to both those looking for a quick solution and those ready to put in extra effort for their coffee fix.

IKEA is renowned for its wide range of storage furniture options that can be easily customized to suit individual needs. The trend of IKEA "hacks" where furniture pieces are transformed into something new is popular among DIY enthusiasts worldwide. While some projects require advanced skills, IKEA also offers solutions for those who prefer simplicity, like creating a home coffee beverage station.


YouTuber Champagne Chaos demonstrates how the IKEA HAVSTA cabinet can be used to create a stunning DIY coffee station. By combining multiple cabinets to form a wall of storage, she achieves a custom-built look at a fraction of the cost of traditional kitchen cabinets. Adding a quartz countertop and stained pole wrap behind the coffee bar elevates the design. For a simpler version, the HAVSTA base cabinet alone can serve as a compact coffee bar with a similar aesthetic.


Instagram user @mygrandparentschair showcased her budget kitchen remodel by repurposing a six-drawer IKEA TARVA dresser into a stylish built-in coffee bar. With simple modifications like closing the bottom to create a baseboard, painting the dresser, adding a cost-effective countertop, and new hardware, she achieved a customized look that blends seamlessly with her kitchen decor. This $250 solid wood dresser is not only perfect for a morning coffee station but can also be stained to match any home's style.


For those new to DIY, the simplicity of using IKEA's solid wood IVAR cabinets is perfect for creating a clean, modern sideboard to house your entire coffee setup. Instagrammer @freesiapark painted her IVAR cabinets a calming beige and lined up three along her kitchen wall to serve as a coffee station, happy hour bar, and additional kitchen storage, creating a long sideboard look. If you have limited space, this tutorial to transform a basic IKEA IVAR cabinet into a floating coffee station is ideal.


If DIY is not your strong suit, consider a finished IKEA piece that only requires assembly to kickstart your morning caffeine routine. The HAUGA sideboard is a spacious coffee station option that comes ready to use without any modifications. With two doors, three drawers, and a wood backsplash, this sideboard ensures your coffee pods stay in place. The sideboard version is about 55 inches wide and comes in gray, while smaller and taller options are available in white for tighter spaces.


Extremely popular among coffee aficionados with extensive home setups, the black metal IKEA BROR cabinet gives an industrial chic look to the space. With open shelving perfect for showing off all of your serious equipment, these utilitarian metal shelves give off a commercial coffee shop vibe that elevates the average home coffee brewing station into an art form. The pine top is stainable to match your kitchen aesthetic, and there are versions of this cabinet with wheels to become a mobile coffee cart or with closed cabinet storage if you prefer to hide the clutter.

The IKEA KNOXHULT kitchen series is designed with simple prefab modular units that include everything except the hardware, making it an ideal choice for a coffee station with the benefits of a low-maintenance kitchen. The KNOXHULT cabinet features a laminate countertop and durable melamine coating on the doors, ensuring durability against coffee preparation and spills. Simple Minima Lifestyle, a YouTuber, showcases how he arranged two KNOXHULT units in an underutilized living room space to create a coffee setup reminiscent of a walk-up coffee house vibe.


Finally, what better way is there to create a coffee bar than with IKEA's most popular line of kitchen cabinets, SEKTION? By utilizing the many frame sizes, door styles, and interior organizers, this system has endless customization options for creating your perfectly personalized coffee station. Instagrammer @lifeofsy used two base cabinet frames with doors and a countertop floating between to create a coffee bar you can actually sit at while also boasting a ton of closed storage. A similar look could be made with shallower wall cabinet frames if depth was limited.