Discover the Best Cleaning Products at IKEA: Must-Haves and Must-Avoids

Having a clean home is one of the simplest pleasures, and it's easier to achieve with the right products. Here are some of the best from IKEA.

Discover the Best Cleaning Products at IKEA: Must-Haves and Must-Avoids
25 Apr 2024, 08:49 PM
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Keeping your home clean can be a satisfying experience. With so many cleaning products on the market, it's easy to overlook simple and practical solutions. IKEA, a go-to for home essentials, offers a range of cleaning products that are both affordable and effective. Despite being underrated, IKEA's cleaning products have received high praise for their quality and value, making them a must-try for anyone looking to maintain a fresh and tidy home.

IKEA's affordable and highly-rated cleaning tools continue to impress customers. One of their top products is the LILLNAGGEN shower squeegee priced at just $1.99. With over 900 reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stars, this simple yet effective tool is a must-have for any household. Users praise its ability to keep mirrors and shower doors free from water stains and mildew. Additionally, IKEA offers the PEPPRIG microfiber cloth in a 3-pack for the same price of $1.99. Rather than splurging on expensive microfiber cloths, customers can opt for this budget-friendly alternative to tackle their cleaning needs.

More highly-rated tools

Another popular item from IKEA is the PEPPRIG 3-piece bucket set with lid priced at $14.99. This versatile cleaning tool features a dual bucket system, with a 1-gallon bucket for rinsing dirty rags and a 3-gallon bucket for fresh water and cleaning solution. The snap-on lid helps to keep pets out of the bucket, and the convenient handle makes it easy to transport from room to room. For those looking to streamline their cleaning routine, this bucket set is a practical and affordable choice.

If you are tired of getting your hands dirty while washing dishes or cleaning the bathroom, investing in a good pair of cleaning gloves is essential. Not only do they protect your skin from harsh chemicals and excessive water exposure, but they also safeguard your health when dealing with unsanitary surfaces. IKEA's RINNIG cleaning gloves ($1.99) are a practical and affordable option available in bright yellow or green colors. These gloves are designed to provide mid-arm coverage for maximum protection and are perfect for maintaining a strong grip while cleaning. With their low price point, you can easily keep multiple pairs on hand for various cleaning tasks around the house.

What to avoid

While IKEA offers a range of home cleaning tools, not all products deliver as expected. The PEPPRIG dustpan and broom ($14.99) may seem innovative with its "toothed edge" feature for cleaning brush bristles, but it falls short in customer satisfaction. Many users find the dustpan's lip too thick, causing debris to spill over, and the broom's length inadequate for taller individuals. For a better alternative, consider Target's Made By Design Floor Broom with Clip-On Dust Pan ($10), which has garnered higher ratings.

IKEA's PEPPRIG squeeze-clean flat mop ($9.99) may not live up to expectations, as some customers struggle with its water-squeezing mechanism. In this case, the O-Cedar 3-Action Flip Mop ($14.98 at Walmart) could be a more effective choice, utilizing microfiber to eliminate bacteria from your floors. For optimal results, pair your chosen mop with a DIY cleaner using vinegar and essential oils.